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Create a Checklist
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Creating a Checklist is the easiest way to receive payments from your team via credit card and track other items.

1. Go to the messaging tab (bottom of the app second from the right)

2. Click on 'Collect & Track'

3. Click on the '+' in the upper right to Create a Checklist

4. Enter the name of the checklist, who it is assigned to, the type of checklist, amount owed (if collecting fees), due date and any additional instructions needed.

Checklist Types:

Simple Checklist: this is used to keep track of things like signed waivers, equipment returns, and anything else that doesn't involve money.

Collect Fees: This type of checklist is used to track & collect fees.

5. Click 'Add'.

Once you click Add, each member of your team will get an email and a push notification alerting them of the new checklist.

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