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Troubleshoot Connecting Members to Your Team
Troubleshoot Connecting Members to Your Team
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There is a misconception that you need to enter a code to join the TeamLinkt app. This is false.

TeamLinkt accounts are based off of email addresses. If you are added to a roster on TeamLinkt and create your account with the same email address you are listed on the roster with, the team will automatically appear for you in the app.

The code is only needed if you create your TeamLinkt Account with a different email than you were added to the roster with (exception of adult leagues below).

Join codes on youth teams:

Join codes in youth leagues are only needed for when a player or parent is added to a roster with one email, but either are already using a different email address or create their account with a different email address than they are added with. In this case, they can enter the one-time use join code that was given to them in the email.

This code is not to be used to add additional family members, the process for this is as follows:

Join codes on adult teams:

If you are on an adult team, you are eligible to generate & share a join code. Anyone that enters this code will be created as a new player on the roster.

This code can be used by an unlimited amount of roster members:

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