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Operating the Scoreboard (for Live Video Streaming)
Operating the Scoreboard (for Live Video Streaming)
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NOTE: Scoreboard overlay can only be used on iOS devices. We recommend using an iPhone 8 or later.

When a game is being live streamed on TeamLinkt, there is a scoreboard overlay that can be used to update the score and time of the game. If you wish to use the score clock overlay, click 'OK'. If you do not, click 'Turn Off'.

The information on the scoreboard is directly linked to the information being updated in the live game section. So when the clock or the score is updated in TeamLinkt, this will also update the scoreboard overlay on the live video stream.

Typically, best practices for operating the scoreboard with live video streaming will be to use one device to live video stream and use one device to update the live game section (score, game clock, etc.) Although it can be done by one member, this is usually a combined effort by two members on the team.

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