Anyone with Team Admin access can add players to your roster.

NOTE: if you are adding a player that does not have an email address, you need to add at least one contact for that player with a name & email address.

* If you're on a youth team, only the first contact requires an email address. Do not put the contact email under the player email address unless they are a coach/manager

From the Mobile App:

1. From the Team tab, select the team you’d like to add players to. Hit the Plus icon in the top right corner.


2. Click 'Add Player'


3. Complete the form & hit add.


NOTE: For this example, John is the player, and Steve is the contact for the player.

From the Web App:

1. From the Teams tab, select the team you’d like to add players to.

2. Hit the "Add/Import" drop-down in the top right corner and press 'Add Members'.

3. Input your players and their contacts

4. Click 'Add'

NOTE: If there is a name added for a contact an email address must be provided for that name

Example (Youth Team):




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