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Only Team Admins can add players to your roster. If your team is managed or created by an organization they may have disabled this feature and you will need to contact them.

NOTE: if you are adding a player that does not have an email address, you need to add at least one contact for that player with a name & email address.

* If you're on a youth team, only the first contact requires an email address. Do not put the contact email under the player email address unless they are a coach/manager

From the Mobile App:

1. From the Team tab, select the team you’d like to add players to. Hit the Plus icon in the top right corner.


2. Click 'Add Player'


3. Complete the form & hit add.


NOTE: For this example, John is the player, and Steve is the contact for the player.

From the Web App:

1. From the Teams tab, select the team you’d like to add players to.

2. Go to the Roster page and hit the "Add/Import" drop-down in the top right corner and press 'Add Members'.

3. Input your players and their contacts

4. Click 'Add'

NOTE: If there is a name added for a contact an email address must be provided for that name

Example (Youth Team):




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