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Complete a Health Waiver Form (for participants)
Complete a Health Waiver Form (for participants)
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To complete an event waiver form:

From the Team Management App:

1. Click on the event from your schedule

2. Click 'View Waiver'

3. Read the waiver. If you agree, click 'Submit'. If you have spectators that also need to complete the event waiver form, you can add them by checking the box beside their name.

NOTE: if the spectator is not a contact for the player in the team management app, you can add them manually through the 'Additional Spectators' section. A name and phone number will be required.

4. Once complete, a Success message will appear, as well as confirmation that the participant and their spectators have accepted the waiver.

From the Web:

1. Log in at and go to Schedule

2. Click on the Date of the game or the View button

3. Click 'View Waiver (For Your Player)'

4. Check off the boxes beside the participant and all spectators attending the event. Once the waiver is read and the boxes are checked off, click Submit

NOTE: If the spectator is not listed as a contact for the participant, you can add them manually through the 'Add Spectator' button.

5. Once the waiver form is submitted, a confirmation screen will appear.

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