Import Multiple Players

Use a csv/excel/spreadsheet to add players or roster members

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To add multiple players at once:

1. Log into through the web

2. From the dashboard, select the team you want to import roster members to

3. Go to Roster, press the 'Add/Import' Button and select 'Import Players'

4. If you need a template, click 'Import File' and Download the Sample CSV

5. Format your data to reflect the columns in the import window (NOTE: you will not be able to change this order on the importer, so if needed, you will need to move your columns on excel, google sheets, etc).


6. Go back to '' and either upload the .csv file, or copy/paste your cells into the import window.

7. Once you have either uploaded a .csv or copy/pasted your data, the spreadsheet will look something like this:

Youth Team Example:


Adult Team Example:


8. Click 'Submit Data'

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