As a team admin, you are able to complete the Event Waiver forms for members of your team.

From the App:

1. Open the event details for your team's next event by clicking on it from the dashboard or from the Schedule tab (bottom middle).

2. Click on 'Waiver Report'

3. . Click the box beside their name to complete the waiver form on their behalf. Once you click the box, the area around their name will turn blue and the box will have a checkmark.

4. After pressing submit, you will see a Thank You message

From the web:

1. Log in to

2. Go to 'Schedule'

3. Click 'View' or the Date on the event

4. Click 'View Waiver (For Team)'

5. Check off all of the names of participants that are attending the event, and agree to the event waiver.

If there are any spectators not listed, add them under the 'Additional Spectators' section. This will have you accept the waiver on their behalves

6. Click 'Submit'

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