Join a Team with a Join Code

Using an App Join Code you can connect to your roster

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If you have been given a code to join a team, follow these instructions to get connected:

1. Open the app and Select join a team. It'll look a little different depending if you are already on another team

New to TeamLinkt


Already on Another Team


2. From there, enter in the 8 digit code that was shared with you.


Once entered, your team name will appear below. In this example, the name is the TeamLinkt Joiners.

From there, if the player you are looking to join is listed, check the box beside their name and enter in your relationship with them (ex. Mother, Father, 'this is me' if you are the player, etc).


If the player is not listed, click 'Add Roster Member' and enter the player information.


After that, click Create and join the team!

If joining from the web:

  1. Go to the Dashboard and click the Add/Join button in the upper right beside the Team dropdown.

  2. If you haven't been on a team before, select Player/Family to join your team.

  3. Paste in your code

  4. Click 'Join'

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