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Export an Event Waiver Form Report (as a Team Admin)
Export an Event Waiver Form Report (as a Team Admin)
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If you are a team admin, you will be able to track who has completed an event waiver. In addition, you can now export a report of all the information for an event, including who was there and if they completed the waiver.

To export a Waiver Form report (From the App):

1. Click on a game in your schedule

2. From the Event Details, click 'Waiver Report'

From there, you will get a list of everyone that has completed the event waiver form. If they have not, you have the ability as the team admin to submit the waiver on their behalf.

To export this list, scroll to the bottom of this page. Click 'Export to Email'.

Once the email is sent, you'll see a confirmation below:

In your email inbox, you will also have an email. Click on the .csv file attached to open up the exported report.

NOTE: if you don't receive an email, check your junk folder! If the email is in your junk folder, be sure to mark it as 'not junk' to receive future emails!

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