Add Family Members as Contacts

Create contacts for players and roster members

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Each player on your roster can have multiple contacts. When a player is created, a contact is automatically created for the player with the email address specified. Additional contacts can be added for each player - such as parents, grandparents or other caregivers.

1. Select the Player from your team roster.

2. Beside Contacts, click 'Add'.

3. Complete the form & hit Save (when choosing a contact type it is important to know Team Fans cannot view the team chat and can only see games in the schedule)

The Contact will want to:

1. Download the TeamLinkt app

2. Create their TeamLinkt account with the same email as they were added with and the team will automatically appear for them in the app.

The new contact will now appear in the contacts list for the player they were added under.

NOTE: If they create their account with a different email than the one added, they will need to enter a join code from their invite email or switch the email listed in their contact profile to the correct one.

*Giving a contact Player Admin access means they’ll be able to edit the player profile, set player availability for games & add additional contacts for this player.

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