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If you are looking to change your contact's name in the app (which will appear in the roster section, team chat, etc), follow the instructions below. For this example, the player's name is Eric Nylander, and his father was added as a contact with the name 'Eric's Contact', which we will need to change.

From the App:

1. Go to the Roster tab and click on your player's name in the list

2. Click 'Edit'

3. Find the contact's name at the bottom and click the little Pencil Icon to edit

4. Click on the incorrect name, and replace it with the correct name

Click 'Save' once you're done, and it will update your name!

From the Web:

1. Go to and log in

2. Go to the 'Roster'

3. Click on their name in the Contacts column

4. Click 'Edit'

5. Replace the name and click 'Save'

Once complete, the name will be replaced in the Contacts column.

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