Update an Incorrect Location
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Game locations are directly linked to addresses on Google and Apple Maps. If an address is partially filled in or an abbreviated name is used, sometimes the address/directions in the app will appear incorrectly.

To update an incorrect address:

1. Log In from the Web at app.teamlinkt.com and Go to the Schedule Tab

2. Click Locations in the upper right

3. Click on the Name of the Incorrect Location or the Edit button

4. Fill in the Correct Address in the Location Details. If the address is visible in google, type it in and select it from the list. If it is not in Google, type in the information manually and drag the pin to the desired location.

5. Press Save


The 'Canlan Ice Sports Arena' in Saskatoon is commonly referred to as the 'Jemini Arena'. When Jemini Arena is typed into the TeamLinkt App, it will behave the same way Google/Apple maps does when the address is typed in. This means the address will not be found.

To solve the issue, the correct name or address will have to be entered for the location details.

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