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Fans are able to follow a team's schedule and receive in-game live scoring updates. This is perfect for someone who wants to stay in the loop, but not be bothered with a teams messages, chat, and other things that aren't relevant to fans.

So whether it's your neighbour, a grandparent or anyone else looking to follow your team, you can add a fan by:

1. Download & Open the TeamLinkt App

2. Click 'Invite Family' (doesn't need to be family, this just adds them as a contact/fan)


3. Click on 'Choose Contact Type'


4. Select 'Fan'


5. Fill out the fan's info and click 'Add'


This will send them an email invite to follow the team.

Now as a fan, to accept the invite all you need to do is:

1. Download the TeamLinkt App, Enter Your Email Address & Click 'Get Started'


2. Click on 'Player or Family'

NOTE: It should say 'You have __ pending invites' if you have been added as a fan. If it doesn't say this, try a different email or ask the team which email they added you with. If the email you try does not match the email you were added with, you will need to enter the join code from the email invite. If you use the same email as you were added with, you will be automatically connected to the team.


3. Enter your name, email & passord and click 'Create Account'


4. You will now have access to the team as a fan.

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