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Send a message to all of your teams and members or specific teams and members

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To send an email message to your entire association, team admins, all players, certain divisions, certain teams, etc:

NOTE: Emails will only be delivered to teams that are activated, and to users that have created a TeamLinkt account.

Once you are logged in through a computer to

1. Click the tab with your season name and go to Teams and click Messaging

2. Click 'New Message' in the upper left

3. Select 'Team Admins' or 'All Team Members'

4. Select the Teams you would like to message

5. Add your subject, message, and attachments to the message. From there, click 'Send'

This will send as a message within the TeamLinkt app, as a push notification to the user's phone, as well as an email copy.

Once it is sent, from the Email tab you will see the message listed. If you click on the subject line of the email, you can open it up.

By toggling to replies, you will be able to see any replies to the email.

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