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Quick-Add Teams:

1. Press the Teams > Teams tab in the menu bar.

2. Press 'Add/Import Teams' & click 'Add Teams' in the upper right

3. Fill in the Team's Information

OPTIONAL: (fill in the coach/manager's name & email)

4. Press Create Teams

To Import Multiple Teams:

1. Press the 'Teams' tab in the menu bar.

2. Press 'Import Teams'

3. Download the Teams Template and Fill Out the Required Information

OR format an existing spreadsheet with columns to match the import box

4. Either upload the spreadsheet, or copy/paste your data from excel into the importer box

6. Press Import

NOTE: Make sure the correct team name is selected prior to importing!

Please View the Attached .csv file to view a properly completed .csv file

Tips For Importing Multiple Teams:

  • There are some instructions and a sample template if you choose to import via a spreadsheet.

  • If your schedule is in the form of iCal links, these can be pasted in with each team during the import. If entering teams one-by-one, this can be done later

  • Make sure your division name matches exactly as it appears on the web (ex. PeeWee cannot read Pee Wee or PW).

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