Make a News Post (WordPress)
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If you have news articles on your website's homepage (and on the News page created for you), the newest post will always be showcased first by default.

NOTE: These are different than the Pages created (ex. Home, About Us, Schedule, etc).

To make a news post:

1. Go to the Posts Tab and click 'All Posts'


2. From there, you'll see a list of all of the posts on your website. Click 'Add New'


Once you do this, you will be taken to a screen that looks like below. There will be a few different options, buttons, etc. Here is a rough explanation of how it all works:


1 - The title of the post

2 - Using the Divi builder to build the post. This will give you more customization options with how the post looks like.

3 - Default Editor. Simple and easy for news posts, but less customization options It will end up looking something like this as you’re writing. If you want to add an image, list, etc to the post, click the little black ‘+’ icon and it’ll open up your options.

4 - Shows you a preview of your article

5 - Permalink – this will be the link slug for your post. You can come in and edit this after you publish the article.

6 - You can categorize your posts on your website if you choose

7 - Tags are used to organize posts on your site and used for SEO purposes. You can leave blank if you choose.

8 - Feature Image is the image used in the slider. I recommend always having a feature image for each post.

9 - Post Excerpt - text about what the post will say

10 - Choose if people can leave comments on your posts, as well as pingbacks & trackbacks

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