Create a Health Waiver Form (for COVID)
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As a league or association, you can create a waiver form that is included with each event in your account. This waiver form is accessible by each member of your league through the TeamLinkt team management app.

To create an event waiver form for each event for your league:

1. Go to Schedule & Scores > Waivers

2. Click 'Waiver Settings' in the upper right

3. Set the Event Waiver Type

Use TeamLinkt for Waiver Tracking: type in your own waiver into TeamLinkt

External Waiver Tracking: Use an external link for waiver tracking

4. Set how early you want the waiver form to be available to be completed

5. Fill in the Waiver Details and click 'Save'

Participants can then fill out the waiver form for each event.

For instructions on tracking event waiver form completion after the event, click here.

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