How To Activate Your Teams

Change a Team from Pending so players and contacts can view the team schedule and chat in the app

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  • Team Admins will be free to add schedule, roster, and other data to their individual teams once they are activated. This can be disabled in your season settings.

  • If a team is not activated it will not show up in the mobile app/web app for teams.

  • You can't send a message to a team that is still Pending. Teams must be active to receive messages

  • Teams will not appear in stats and standings until they have been activated

When a team is activated, an email invite is sent out to all members of the team. Once the team member creates their account, any schedule and roster data that has been loaded by the league admin will be available for them in the app.

Once your teams are created and ready to use the app:

1. Go to the Teams > Teams page.

2. Press 'Team Activation' in the upper right

3. Select the individual team you would like to activate, or activate all pending teams.

4. Once you have selected 'All Pending Teams' or the individual team to activate, click 'Activate'

Note: You can set a team back to Pending by clicking into the team, then click Details and locating the Status input and setting it back to Pending.

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