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For leagues, associations and clubs that have all of their participant's data in a spreadsheet, it can then be imported into TeamLinkt.

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Full Tutorial: Importing Players To a Youth Team

Full Tutorial: Importing Players To an Adult Team


1. Go to Teams > Roster Members

2. Press the ‘Add/Import' button and select 'Import Team Members'

3. Select the team you are looking to add a roster for

4. Type or Paste in the information into the correct cells. It will look like this when you're done. From there, click 'Submit Data' and you're good to go!

PRO TIP: Building out your spreadsheets with the correct columns in Excel, then copy/pasting is our recommended way of importing rosters.

Additionally, you can click 'Import File' and Downloading the sample CSV file. Then, fill in the file and upload it.

It will look like this when complete:


Once members are typed into the cells or the CSV file is imported, review the data in the cells and make sure there are no red cells & everything looks correct

5. Click 'Submit Data'

TIP If you are just adding one team admin per team, click 'Add Members' and fill it in via our web app.

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