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To create a new registration form for your league:

1. Go to the Season > Registration tab

2. Click the 'New Registration' button

3. Fill out the basic information for your new registration and press 'Save & Edit'

4. Fill out all of the necessary fields on your registration form

This will involve going to the Settings, General, Fees, Restrictions and Additional Fields section.

5. If you need to create your own custom fields, Go to the Additional Fields section and click the 'Add New Custom Field Button'. For more information on creating a custom field, click here. When you're done, click 'Save Registration'.

Once you are finished, you will need to click 'Activate' on the form. This will give you a direct link you can share with registrants.

NOTE: if it is not visible on your website, it is likely still saved as a draft or the registration is not open yet from the dates that were selected.

To turn a registration from a draft to active, click here.

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