The recommended process to get your league or associations teams using the TeamLinkt app is to create their team for them, then either:

1. Import in the full roster

2. Import in just a coach/manager who then adds in the rest of their team

3. Assign registered participants from our registration system

NOTE: We also will import in any existing data for you for free, just contact and a league representative will reach out

However, there is also a fourth option where you can allow teams to create their own team in the app, then you can assign them to the correct division .

To do this:

1. Under the season tab click the Season dropdown to the right

2. Click 'Manage Seasons' at the bottom of the list

3. Beside the season, there is a Team Invite code. Grab the code from the season you are wanting teams to join.

From there, team admins will go into the TeamLinkt app, enter in this invite code as their Sponsor Code, and they will be connected to the correct season in your account. They will be marked as an Unassigned team, which can then be assigned to the correct division. For instructions on how to assign teams, click here.

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