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Adding custom fields allows you to capture all of the necessary information needed during the registration process. There are many fields added in automatically through the 'Restrictions' section (address, birthday, gender, grade, etc), but for any other questions you need to ask, here's how you do it!

To add a new custom field / additional information question to your registration form:

Go to the Registrations Tab & Click on the form you'd like to edit (for this example, I will do the '2021 Registration' form.

From there, click 'Additional Info' on the left hand side. At the bottom there will be a green button that says 'Add New Question' - click that.

After that, fill in the question and select the type of custom field you want to create


  • Short Answer: Participant can type up to 250 characters

  • Participant: Participant can type up to 1000 characters

  • Number: Participant must type in a number

  • Dropdown (single selection): Participant must choose one answer from the dropdown

  • Dropdown (multiple selection): Participant can choose multiple answers from the dropdown

  • Checkbox: Participant can check yes or no

  • File: Participant can upload a file (all files uploaded for a participant cannot be larger than 10MB total)

NOTE: if you would like to add a dollar amount to an option, you must use one of the two dropdown options. This dollar amount will be added to the player's registration amount owed.

In addition, if you click 'More Options' under the question (bottom left), you will be able to add:

  • Privacy Settings

  • Allow Team Admins to View Answer

  • Link URL (link located below question)

  • Attachments (link to attachment below question) - great for documents

Once you have filled in the necessary fields, press 'Save'.

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