Create a Tournament Schedule (Bracket Only)
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To create a bracket schedule for your tournament:

1. Navigate to Power-Ups and find Tournaments then enable it

2. Go to Season > Schedule & Scores > Tournaments

3. Create a New Tournament

4. Enter in the tournament details, select the Format as 'Bracket Only' and click Create

In addition, if you click on the 'Preview Website' button, you will see what your auto-generated tournament webpage will look like.

For steps on how to customize this webpage (colors, logo, details, etc), click here.

5. Next, you will need to go to 'Settings' and set the Game Duration & time between games.

When you're done, click 'Save & Rebuild Bracket'.

6. Go to the Teams tab and select all of the teams playing in this tournament.

NOTE: You will typically need to create one tournament per division.

When you're done, click 'Save & Rebuild Tournament'.

7. Next, click the 'Settings' tab.

Make sure you have the correct number of teams, start date, end date, Name, consolation round (if needed) and round frequency.

8. Customize the series to be single game or best of X games or total points.

9. Click 'Edit' on each Series and set all the details for the series.

This will include the two teams playing, as well as the details for each game (Home/Away team, time, location, etc. You will want to do this for every Series on the left hand column of your bracket.

Once your initial games are set, click 'Publish Schedule'.

Once it is published, we recommend sharing the link to the tournament with any coaches, participants or on social media.

For information on updating scores once your tournament is published, click here.

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