Add a Section to a Divi Page

Add a Section to your page in Divi

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To add on to an existing page:

If you want to add a section to a page, hover your mouse in the page until you see a blue circle with a plus sign on it. Click it (bottom of screenshot)


From there, it will ask you to add a section. For most case, you will choose regular unless you want a unique column structure.


From there, you can choose whether you want one column, two, three, up to six.


If we choose a two-column layout for example, we can put text on one side and an image on the other. Here is how that process would go:

You will be asked to pick a module to insert. Scroll down until you see the 'Text' option.


From there, type out your text and style it however you'd like. This can include making some text a heading, changing the colour (in the design tab), etc. Once it looks good, click the green check mark.


From there, you will see the text on your page:


Next, click the grey circle with the plus sign beside the text module. Scroll until you find the module titled 'Image'. Click it.


From there, hover over the image placeholder in the 'image Settings' box and click the little gear icon.


From there, either uplaod a file or select from your media library. when done, click the 'Upload an Image' button in the bottom right corner.


Then you can adjust the alignment, size, etc in the Design tab of the Image Settings module.


After that, if you want to add more content you can either click the green circle with a + in it to add another 'row' or click the blue circle with a plus to create another new section.

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