Registration for Small Groups

allow/disable registrants to sign up together with a code

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Small Group Codes will allow players to indicate that they'd like to play with certain friends, without needing to create a team. It'll also simplify the life of league admins who have the daunting task of making teams.

It's effortless to setup. All you need to do is create a registration form. When editing the form you can make sure small groups are enabled by checking the registration settings. Small groups are enabled by default.

From there your registrants will be able to create a code that they can share with others to enter when they register. E.g., Ben can create a code when they register and send that code to Samuel and Amanda. When Samuel and Amanda register they can enter Ben's code and they'll be apart of that small group.

When users register with a small group code or create a small group you can click on their code and view everyone who's ever registered with that code. This will help you to manage your participants and assign them to teams! πŸ˜„

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