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Editing multiple events (games, practices, etc) at once
Editing multiple events (games, practices, etc) at once

You can now edit the properties like time, day, duration, location, cancel, move, delete, etc of multiple events at once.

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This will be the easiest way for admins to change game times, change locations of games, change the length of games or practices, edit the duration of games, etc.

To edit the properties of an event, or multiple events, you can:

  1. Go to Schedule & Scores > Scheduling

  2. Check off the event, or multiple events, that you are looking to update

  3. Click 'Mass Updates' or 'Actions' depending what you want to do (located at the top of the table)

4. From there, if you click Actions you can delete the events. Or if you selected Mass Updates you can edit any of the following properties

These include changing the start date, advancing start date by a certain number of days, start time, advancing the start time by a certain number of minutes to delay the event, changing the status to be active or cancelled, location, duration of the games, statistic type to be regular season, playoff, tournament or exhibition, or changing the max number of players per team allowed.

Once you're done, you can click whether to notify the teams via the app or not, and then push the update button.

Once you click update, the events are changed on your website, in the team app and if applicable teams are notified.

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