Assigning Officials

How to assign officials to games from your schedule

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After your officials have registered, their availability is set, and you've set your roles and divisional settings your ready to assign officials to games you've created.

  1. Select the division with events you want to assign officials to

  2. (OPTIONAL) select any other filters to narrow the list of events

  3. Open the event you want to assign officials to

  4. Drag officials from the right side to the left

  5. Based on the color of the official on the right after you've selected a game, you'll be able to see if that event has a scheduling conflict for the official or if the official is missing a requirement.

  6. Once you've finished assigning officials, go to the top of the page and under the filters you'll see a 'Bulk Actions' button. Choose one of those options to offer or accept the assignments for your officials and optionally notify them.

When it comes to accepting offered assignments, you can change the ability of officials to decline assignments, or how much time they have before an event to change their response. To customize these settings go to the Officials tab at the top, then Settings > Seasonal to change the preferences for the current season.

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