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Email Prospects and setup automatic messaging for a registration form's prospects

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Reaching out to your Prospects is a great way to have them finish their registration and increase your number of participants. Before selecting the Prospects to message make sure you're filtering using the filters on the left to include Prospects from more forms. To message Prospects:

  1. Go to Registration

  2. Click on the number of Prospects under the 'Prospects' column

  3. Select the Prospects you want to message

  4. Under the Actions dropdown select 'Message Prospects'

  5. Enter the email and subject and press 'Send'

You can setup automatic messaging to Prospects by editing a registration form. Everyone who starts registering for a form but stops before finishing can be sent an email X days after they stopped registering. To setup automatic messaging:

  1. Go to Registration

  2. Click on the name of the form you want to setup messaging for

  3. Go to the Prospects section

  4. Set how many days later you want a Prospect to receive an email and adjust the Subject and Message to your choosing.

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