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Custom Invoices

In the TeamLinkt system, you are able to invoice any members in your organization that have filled out a registration form.

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You are able to send out custom invoices to anyone in your league (parent and player alike) for any product that you create.

NOTE: Custom Invoices are not linked to the Registration section in any way, so any invoices paid related to registration fees will not automatically update any registration balances.

1. First navigate to Power-Ups and enable the Invoices power-up. Once you refresh the page, you can navigate to Banking > Invoices > Products. This is where you will be able to add view and manage all of the products you want to charger your customers for.

2. The next step would be to create the product you would like to charge the customer for. You will need to click New Product and will then enter in the product Name, Price and Description. This can be anything from Equipment fee to a Penalty Fine.

3. Once you are done creating your products, you can navigate to Banking > Invoices > Customers and create a customer using the New Customer. You are able to enter anyone as long as they have a unique email.

4. Finally you are ready to make your first invoice. Navigate to Banking > Invoices > Invoices and click New Invoice. You can add an optional Due Date for the invoice, add a Customer (or multiple) to the invoice, and finally select the Product you want to charge them for (or multiple). You can add an optional Memo and either Save as Draft or Send.

5. Now you have successfully saved or sent an invoice. You can use the actions buttons to Edit, Delete if in Draft or View, Void if it has been sent. When Viewing the invoice, you can view the actual invoice or view the payments made. In the View Payments pop-up you can perform an offline refund or an online refund for any payments made to the invoice.

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