As a Team Admin, you will have access to creating a fundraiser for your team in the TeamLinkt system.

To start, you can choose from any of of the following options:

1. TeamLinkt Ready-To-Go Fundraisers

Our Ready-to-Go fundraisers make selling even easier with partner companies fulfilling your orders. Simply choose a fundraiser from our growing list of partners and start selling

2. Item Sale Fundraiser
Already have a fundraiser planned to sell your own items? Use the Item Sale fundraiser type to organize things like meat, chocolates, cookie dough, or whatever else!

3. Event Ticket Fundraiser

This type is perfect for selling tickets to events like a steak night.

4. Donation

Allow people to make direct donations to your team

5. Raffle Draw (Coming Soon!)

Keep your next raffle organized through TeamLinkt. Sell tickets and simplify/streamline payment collection for the raffle.

Once your fundraiser type is picked, you will finalize all of your details in the tabs on the left.

About Stripe: We use Stripe so you can collect payments online and track purchases for your entire team in real time. If your team does not have a connected Stripe account we'll help you connect one. You can connect to your team bank account (or a personal) and manage payments and refunds all from Stripe.

Making your Fundraiser Live:

The final step will be to click 'Publish' on the fundraiser.

Once published, team members can view the fundraiser in the app and open the purchase page or get the share link to send to friends and family.

We highly encourage sharing out your Fundraiser's link via email, on social media, and directly with friends and family.

Watch our walkthrough 😎


How do Ready-to-Go Fundraisers work?

It’s simple – your team chooses from one of our pre-made fundraisers, links up a bank account & starts selling! These are a great way to speed up the process of getting your fundraiser started.

Why should my team use a Ready-to-Go Fundraiser?

  • It is the fastest way to get your fundraiser started (can be up & going in as little as 10 minutes)

  • It will take the hassle out of deciding what to sell for your fundraiser

  • We have partnered with awesome vendors that offer products people love!

  • It is the fastest & most convenient way to raise money.

Who can setup fundraisers?

Only the Team Manager/Team Owner can set up and launch your team fundraiser. The Team Manager/Owner is the user who set the team up initially.

How do orders get fulfilled & items get delivered?

Depending which Ready-to-Go fundraiser you choose, there are two options for item delivery:

1. Items are shipped directly to item purchasers

2. All items are delivered to the Team Manager & distributed from there

As orders come in, the Team Manager can track all orders right in TeamLinkt, as well as check off items as they are delivered.

How much money will we make?

This number will vary based on team size & which fundrasier you choose, but we have found that teams raise an average of $3,000 per fundraiser.

Why use TeamLinkt Fundraising vs Traditional Fundraising Methods?

Simplified Payment Tracking – All payments are collected by credit card and automatically added to the team’s fundraising total. From there, with one click teams can deposit their money to a bank account of their choice.

Start Fundraising Faster – Ready-to-Go Fundraisers can be set up & live in as little as 10 minutes.

Other Notes:

You are not limited on the amount of fundraisers you can manage or money you choose to raise.

Some partnered fundraisers are limited based on your province/state.

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