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Copy Participant to a Different Form

Transfer a registrant to another form

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If a participant registered for the wrong form or needs to be moved. You can copy their existing registration and create a record for the destination registration form.

To copy a participant:

  • Search their name in the top right Season Search or find them in the forms list of participants

  • Click their name or the Edit action

  • Click "Copy"

  • You can set their responses to any custom questions in the destination form during the wizard.

    • Any answers for questions from your library in the current form and the destination form will be automatically copied

  • Cancel Current Participant will set the original participant record to Canceled. They can be set back to active at any time and their information is not deleted.

A new participant will be created under the destination form. Their transaction records, payments, subscriptions/invoices, discounts, and refunds are not copied and their base fees + amount due will equal their original form.

Memberships in the destination form that the original participant does not have are not created.

If they paid for their original registration, we recommend making offline payments in the copy's record to match. If the fees differ in the destination form you can learn about changing editable fees here.

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