Join a Team with a Join Code (Web)

Enter your code online to connect with your team

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Team Join codes can also be used from the web ( whether you have an existing account or not.

If you are not on a team yet:

  1. Go through the account creation process, if you are signing up your child and are not the player, do not enter their name, email, or phone for your information

  2. Select the Player/Family option when asking for your account type

  3. Enter the code provided by your coach, manager, or organization

  4. If your child is already listed on the roster, select them from the list and add yourself as a contact, otherwise add them to the roster and you will be automatically connected as a contact

  5. If you are the player you will only need to add yourself to the roster

If you can view the dashboard and have a list of teams in the top right:

  1. Open your list of teams in the upper right

  2. Select 'Join a Team' at the top of the list of teams

  3. If you or your child is listed on the roster select them from the list and click Join

  4. If you or your child is not on the list select 'Add Roster Member', enter the player's info (if you are adding someone else to the roster do not enter your name or email for the player email)

  5. Click 'Add'

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