Certn Background Checks

How to enable and set up Certn Background Checks in TeamLinkt

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To enable the Certn Background Checks power-up:

  1. In TeamLinkt, Go to Organization > Power-Ups > Certn Background Check & click Enable

2. If you don't already have a Certn Account, you must create one from the following link: https://try.certn.co/teamlinkt

3. In Certn, you will then have to copy your Certn Team ID from your browser. It will look like this:

4. Go back to your TeamLinkt Account & the Certn Power-Ups section and paste it into TeamLinkt in the Certn Team ID field. It should look like this:

5. Back in Certn, click on API Keys > Add API Key > Actions > Copy API Key

6. In TeamLinkt, Paste in your API Key into the field labeled Certn API Key

7. Back to Certn again, click on General > Generate New (under Webhook Secret) > Copy

8. In TeamLinkt, paste your Webhook Secret in the field 'Certn Webhook Secret'

9. Still in TeamLinkt, you will then copy the TeamLinkt Webhook URL

10. In Certn, paste in your TeamLinkt Webhook URL into the Webhook URL field

11. For the Last Step, click Save in both Certn & TeamLinkt

Once you have done this, reach out to help@teamlinkt.com for your next steps.

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