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TeamLinkt Rewards - How to earn by shopping online
TeamLinkt Rewards - How to earn by shopping online
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Shopping online is another great way to earn back for your team. It’s important to note that you must begin your online shopping journey from your TeamLinkt Rewards page in order for your purchases to track correctly. Any purchases made otherwise will not have properly tracked and not eligible for cash back.

  • To get started, click on any of the brands to view a full list of their give back amount, exclusions, deals and terms and conditions.

  • Next, click on Shop Now where you’ll then get redirected outside of the app to the retailer’s website through your browser.

  • Complete your online purchase on the retailer’s site, you can always return to your TeamLinkt Rewards app to verify the shopping trip was tracked.

  • Click on the profile icon on the top right and click on Shopping Trips under the Account Settings. On the right side of this page you can see an Earn By expected date. Each brand issues cash back at different times, so this is a great place for you to check when you can expect the earnings.

  • Once your earnings come through, you’ll be notified by email letting you know how much you’ve earned.

  • If the ‘earn by’ date has already passed and you still don’t see the earnings for a specific purchase, you can submit a missing claim which will be reviewed by Flipgive Support Team.

Important things to note about shopping online:

  • Clear any previously added or saved items in your shopping cart. Only items added after you've started your shopping trip on TeamLinkt Rewards will earn cashback.

  • If you’re shopping on web, please ensure any ad-blocking software is turned off before you shop, otherwise, the retailer won't be able to properly track your purchase.

  • Each retailer includes a list of exclusions to certain products that are not eligible for cash back. For best practice, we always recommend reviewing the full terms and conditions for each retailer.

  • If you are using any third party coupon/cashback/discount extensions, your cashback may be subject to reversal.

  • Loyalty points or rewards cash used to pay for your transaction will automatically void your cashback eligibility.

  • Each retailer issues cash back at different times, most give back within 48 hours. Categories for accommodation like hotel, travel and car rentals are credited up to 2 weeks after the trip is complete. You can check the ‘earn by’ date on your Shopping Trips page.

  • Returns/exchanges/refunds made on individual items part of single order will reverse the entire cash back earning from that entire order.

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