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TeamLinkt Rewards - How to submit a missing claim
TeamLinkt Rewards - How to submit a missing claim
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If you’re missing cashback from a transaction completed through the TeamLinkt Rewards program, you can submit a missing claim for review. We’ll need a few details linked to your transaction first to determine eligibility. To start, access your TeamLinkt Rewards page by clicking on either the Shop & Earn button of Rewards link

Similar to your web browser's history page, your Shopping Trips page tracks all and any visits made from your TeamLinkt Rewards account (whether you've made a purchase or not). It's a great place to track all your trips.

From your TeamLinkt Rewards page > click on the profile icon at the top right corner

Under Account Settings > click on Shopping Trips

  • The Shopping Trips page is similar to a browser history, it stores all the visits you’ve made through your TLR account any time you browsed or completed purchases for egift cards or online purchases. It's important to note that all your visits, including the ones where you didn’t make a purchase will show.

  • The ‘Claim’ button will appear for all your visits, so rest assured that you only need to submit a claim on the shopping trip you made a real purchase against if you haven’t received your cash back by the allotted ‘Earn by’ date.

Submitting a Claim

  • You’ll need your order confirmation receipt email to claim your cashback from the retailer for review.

  • Next, locate the Shopping Trip you need to submit a claim for and copy the Activity ID

  • Next, click on the blue Claim button

Send us your order confirmation receipt

  • Lastly, forward the order confirmation email for your transaction to along with the Activity ID listed in the Subject Line of the email

  • The TLR team will review your claim within 2 business days to confirm eligibility

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