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Once your team is ready to withdraw the funds, your TeamLinkt Rewards Captain or Co-captain can start the payout process in 1-2 simple steps. This will depend if you having more or less than $100 at the time you submit your team’s payout information.

Step 1: Submit your team's Payout Info

  • From the TeamLinkt Rewards page > click on profile icon on the top right > click on the Payouts button

After you fill out the mailing address form, tell us how you'd like to receive your team's funds:

Payout Method

Which payout is best for me?

How long does it take to receive payout?

Bank Transfer

A quick and easy team favorite. Link your team's bank account and we'll deposit your withdrawal directly into your account.

After approval, the funds will be processed and deposited into your account 3-5 business days after your payout request has been submitted.

Check by postage mail

Some teams prefer a good old paper check. Tell us where you'd like the check sent and we'll make it via post.

After approval, you’ll receive your check 10-15 business days after the payout request has been submitted (tracking not available).

  • If your team’s total available funds is less than $100 at the time of payout info submission, you’ll hear back within 5 business days with an approval confirmation.,

  • If your total available funds is more than $100 at the time of payout info submission, you'll be presented with two options for payout before confirming payout.

Option 1 - Request Payout Upon Approval

This option is available for teams that have earned over $100 at the time of payout info submission. It's a great option for those who want to skip the step of having to request a payout at a later time and automatically submit the payout request upon approval. Once you 'Confirm Payout' and get approved, you'll also receive a confirmation email that your payout can now be requested.

Option 2 - Request Payout Later

This is a great option for captains wanting to get a head start and simply submit their team's payout information. Once you receive the approval confirmation email and have over $100 in available funds, you can return to your Payouts tab at a later time and request a payout whenever you're ready.

Confirm Payout

Lastly, once you've filled out all the details, click on Confirm Payout to finalize the submission. We'll send you a confirmation email with the subject line 'Your payout information has been submitted.'

**Double-check your Spam/Junk folder if you do not see it in your main inbox

Once you've completed this last step, FlipGive’s Customer Support Team will review the information and send you an update within 5-7 business days. During or after this time, changes can be made at any time on this page by clicking on 'Edit'.

**Note that any time you make changes to the payout info, it will be placed back in the queue for review.

Step 2: Submitting a payout request (minimum $100 balance required for all payout requests)

After your team's payout info has been approved, your team must have over $100 in available funds in order to submit a payout request. You'll see on your payout page that any available funds less than $100 cannot be withdrawn.

Visit your team's Account page > Payouts > Payout. Next, review the approved payout info and click on 'Request available funds'.

Once you've requested a payout, you'll receive a confirmation email with the subject line 'Your payout request has been submitted!' detailing the payout.

And lastly, once your payout has been processed, you'll receive one final confirmation from FlipGive’s team letting you know that the funds are on the way!

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Always review your payout information:

    • After approval, review the payout details to ensure it's correct before clicking the 'Payout' button. There is a $40 stop payment fee for requests to cancel or reissue payout requests via check once it's already been processed. If changes need to be made to your payout information immediately after you've initiated a check payout request, we kindly ask that you contact to avoid any fees.

  • Processed bank transfers cannot be canceled or reversed

    • Payouts made via bank transfers cannot be reversed. Unlike checks, once your funds have been deposited into a bank account, they cannot be canceled. Changes to banking information will only be permitted if a bank transfer is unsuccessful, please contact for assistance.

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