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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do I go to access the Digital Gamesheets feature?

  • What device can I use?

    • TeamLinkt’s Digital Gamesheets work with any device - whether it is a phone, tablet or computer.

  • Do I need an internet connection to use Digital Gamesheets?

    • You will need internet to enter your Game Code to start the game, and to finalize the game, but otherwise an internet connection is not needed

    • If your arena/facility has poor internet connection, we recommend entering the game code prior to entering the arena, then finalizing the game when you leave

  • What sports are supported for Digital Gamesheets?

    • Currently, Football, Flag Football and hockey are supported. More sports will be added in the near future!

  • What happens after the game is finalized?

    • Once a game is finalized, the league/association the game was scheduled by will have access to the score, stats and officials signatures and notes.

    • Note: once a game is finalized, it can no longer be edited in the Gamesheets section. The league/association will have to make any edits needed.

Best Practices for using Digital Gamesheets with Minimal / No Cell Service

  • Make sure to enter your game code when you have cell service. You do not need cell service once you have entered the game code.

  • Take screenshots periodically throughout the game. This would be recommended in case a device dies, or an error occurs

We also recommend sharing this PDF of help resources with your scorekeepers:

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