What is a Dispute
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A dispute happens when your registrant disputes a charge that was made by your organization. This most often occurs due to the bank/customer thinking a transaction is a fraudulent charge. If the dispute is won by the customer, the amount charged is refunded to the customer and there is a $17 transaction fee attributed with it.

You will first receive an email from TeamLinkt stating there is a charge that is disputed and you must respond to it.

You can begin by navigating to Organization > Banking > Disputes where you will see your disputes listed.

There will be a set time to respond to those disputes. Be sure to respond before the given date, otherwise the customer will win the dispute as there was no counter against it.

When countering the dispute, you will need to provide evidence against the dispute. This can include things like emails, screenshots, refund policies to help counter against the dispute.
If the dispute was initiated in error, you can simply contact the customer to let them know to cancel the dispute with their card issuer.

**Note** You will still need to counter the dispute in order to win.


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