Family Discounts
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If you want to offer discounts to families that are registering multiple family members, you can do so!

  • Navigate to Registration > Forms and click the form you want the discount on.

  • Next, go to Discounts on the left side

  • In the top right, there is a Manage Family Discounts button where you will be creating/editing/managing your family discounts.

Your first step is to create a Family Discount, which you can apply to any form within that same season!

  • Start Discount: The number you enter is the number of family members that must register before the family is eligible for the discount. Exactly means that only the specified member can get the discount (if you have it set to 3 Exactly, then only the 3rd child can get the discount, no more or no less). And Up means the discount will apply to the specified member and up (if you have it set to 3 and up, it will apply to the third child and anyone after)

  • Description: The description for your family discount

  • Max Uses: How many times this discount can be used

  • Type: Fixed Amount is a fixed amount that will be taken off the total price. Percentage is a percentage of the total price that will be taken off

  • Minimum Order Value: How much the total price must be before the discount will apply (Leave blank for nothing)

  • Discount Start: When the discount will become available

  • Discount End: When the discount is no longer available

Once you have a discount created, you can attach it to your form by clicking the Add Button! That will attach it to your form. Then you can navigate between form groups or forms themselves and attach the discount from the library to the current form you are on.
The discount will be applied at checkout during registration. Any registration form that has the discount attached will be eligible.

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