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To view your Registrant Payment Plans, you must navigate to Finance > Banking > Payment Plans.

This is where all of your payment plans to date will show. You can view all payment plans, and filter for plans with specific Statuses.

Active: All currently active payment plans, with future invoices will have the status Active.

Paused: All payment plans that have been paused by a league admin will have the status Paused.

Canceled: All payment plans that have been canceled by a league admin will have the status Canceled.

Completed: All payment plans that no longer have an outstanding balance will be marked as Completed.

Stalled: All payment plans that have done 3 attempts to withdraw money with no success will show a Stalled state.

To make any changes to a payment plan, you can click Actions and select any one of the options.

View: View and make any changes to the payment plan

Pause: Pause the payment plan. You can resume it at any time and it will begin withdrawing money again.

Cancel: This will cancel the payment plan and stop any future payments from coming out

Change Payment Method: Get a URL that you can pass off to the customer so they can update their payment card.

If you are wanting to make changes to a particular registrants Payment Plan you can simply click Actions > View and a screen will open up similar to the one below.

This will list all upcoming and past payments for the registrant. You are able to edit/delete any upcoming payment. You can decrease the amount the registrant will owe, but you cannot increase the amount to be greater than what the registrant originally agreed to doing registration. You can make your changes and click Save at the bottom.

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