Live Video Streaming Setup & Use

Stream your event to everyone else on the team

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Live Stream the game from the TeamLinkt App so those that can't make it can watch from their phone, computer or cast it to their TV!

Once a member of the team sets up a live stream for an event, each member of the team will get a notification and be able to watch the stream from their phone.

How to set up a live stream for an event:

1. When an event is happening, click on the flashing 'Live' icon

2. Click the TV Screen Icon in the upper right with the Play button inside it


3. Read the Disclaimer and click 'Agree'

4. Press 'Continue with Facebook'

NOTE: Once the stream is live, it will be posted to your Facebook timeline. Privacy permissions can be adjusted via Facebook.

5. Click 'Continue'

6. Open up the Facebook App

7. Once you've connected Facebook click 'Stream the Event'

9. Choose where you want the stream to go on Facebook. Streams can be published to your timeline, an existing Facebook page.

10. If streaming to a page, you will need to follow the steps below:

NOTE: You will also need to allow TeamLinkt access to your Camera (& Microphone if you choose)

9. From there, once you're ready to stream click the White circle button on the bottom of the screen.


NEW: Scoreboard for Live Streaming

TeamLinkt has added a scoreboard for Live Streamed Events. This will allow you to update the score and game clock as the game is going on. The score and game clock will need to be updated from another device through the live game updates feed for the event.

For tips on how to operate the scoreboard, click here.

NOTE: Scoreboard overlay can only be used on iOS devices. We recommend using an iPhone 8 or later.

Once you are done streaming, you will be able watch the recorded event, share the video, or start another stream.

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