Setting availability lets your coach and fellow players know who’s coming to games and events.

From the App:

  1. Go to the Schedule tab (or quickly set your availability for the next event in the dashboard

  2. Select Going, Not Going, or Maybe

From there, there will be a green check beside the events you are going to, a grey question mark for maybe's, and a red X for events not going to.

From the web:

  1. Login at

  2. Go to Schedule

  3. Under the Availability column select

    1. Green for Going

    2. Red for Not Going

    3. or Grey for Maybe


  • If you set your availability as Not Going, you won’t receive reminders about the game or event.

  • If you change your status to Not Going, the team admin will be notified

  • Any contact that has Player Admin access for the particular player can update Availability.

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