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How to Set Up Divisions

Organize your season by setting up different Conferences, Divisions, Tiers, or Age Groups

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Go to the Teams > Teams page and Click the 'Divisions' button in the upper right to set your league's divisions.

When you set up a league or association with TeamLinkt, you have to choose your league structure. This structure is used to organize teams, standings, schedules and messaging.

Use your organization's existing hierarchy to help you choose the appropriate amount of levels to use. For example, if you divide teams by gender and age group you could select a 2 level structure.

There are four league structure options:

  • 1 Level

  • 2 Levels

  • 3 Levels

  • No Levels

1 Level Structure

A 1 level structure is used to organize teams into multiple divisions with no 'sub-divisions'.

2 Level Structure

A 2 level structure involves divisions with sub-divisions. This is typically divisions & tiers.

3 Level Structure

A 3 level structure is a complex league hierarchy involving groups of divisions with sub-divisions. This is typically leagues sorted by Gender, Division & Tier or Conference, Division & Tier.
โ€‹Want to add sub-organizations/clubs?

No Level Structure

A structure with no levels means all your league's teams are together in one group. This is typical amongst leagues and associations with 10 teams or less.

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