Add a Page (WordPress)
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When you are creating a new page on your website, you will be using the Divi Builder tool. Basically, you will go to the Pages tab in WordPress, hover over ‘Pages’ and click 'Add New. This will take you to your new page.


From there, give the page a title, and click the 'Use Divi Builder' button.


From there, you can choose from three options:


1. Build from Scratch

You are given a blank page you can update with anything you'd like

2. Choose a Premade Layout

This gives you access to three options all of the Divi Premade Layouts, Your Saved Layouts (for any pages that you have saved as a whole) or Your Existing Pages (which will let you take any existing page on your website and edit it. This is perfect for pages that you like the style of, but need to adjust the content).

3. Clone an Existing Page

Clone an existing page on your website and edit the content.

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