Setting up the DNS for a Custom Domain:

1. Login to your domain provider’s website. (eg.,,, etc...).

2. Go to the DNS management area. This is different depending on who your provider is but typically you’ll find it in a menu.


1. Login and go to the domain manager.

2. Select the domain settings for the appropriate domain

3. Select Manage DNS

4. If there is already a CNAME record for www, then edit it (click the pencil icon). Otherwise select Add:

  • Host: Enter “www” (do not enter the quotes)

  • Points to: Enter “@” or "". Based on your provider @ may need to be your domain name (again, do not enter the quotes)

  • The TTL field can be left alone

  • Click the Save button

5. If there is already a A record then edit it (click the pencil icon).

  • Host: Enter "@" or "" (depends on provider, don't copy quotes)

  • Value:

  • Don't need to change TTL field

  • Click Save Button

For other domains providers:

The steps for other domain providers will be similar to You will need to do two things:

Some domain providers allow you to use a CNAME record for the root domain but most do not (as it is not a valid domain instruction).

You should allow up to 48 hours for the changes to propagate around the world but often it takes less than a couple of hours.

Please contact us ( for additional assistance and include the name of your domain provider.

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