Setting up the DNS for a Custom Domain:

1. Login to your domain provider’s website. (eg.,,, etc...).

2. Go to the DNS management area. This is different depending on who your provider is but typically you’ll find it in a menu.


1. Login and go to the domain manager.

2. Select the domain settings for the appropriate domain

3. Select Manage DNS

4. If there is already a CNAME record for www, then edit it (click the pencil icon). Otherwise select Add:

  • Host: Enter “www” (do not enter the quotes)

  • Points to: Enter “@” or "". Based on your provider @ may need to be your domain name (again, do not enter the quotes)

  • The TTL field can be left alone

  • Click the Save button

5. If there is already a A record then edit it (click the pencil icon). You should only have one A record.

  • Host: Enter "@" or "" (depends on provider, don't copy quotes)

  • Value:

  • Don't need to change TTL field

  • Click Save Button

For other domains providers:

The steps for other domain providers will be similar to You will need to do two things:

Some domain providers allow you to use a CNAME record for the root domain but most do not (as it is not a valid domain instruction).

In your TeamLinkt Organization account:

  1. Go to the Website tab at the top

  2. Click Manage in the top menu

  3. Click Settings in the upper right

  4. In the 'Site Information' section enter your custom domain e.g. for the Custom Domain field. Do not enter or, only the domain name the https:// and www. should be excluded.

You should allow up to 48 hours for the changes to propagate around the world but often it takes less than a couple of hours.

Please contact us ( for additional assistance and include the name of your domain provider.

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