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In the Weeks section you are able to edit off-weeks and gamedays.

An Off-Week, is a week where no games occur in the schedule.

A Gameday is a group of games where each team players a set number of games. A week can consist of anywhere from 1 gameday per team up to 7 gamedays per team. Within each gameday, you can also set the number of games each team is to play. This can include single games, double-headers, triple-headers and custom settings. Scroll down for instructions how to customize gamedays.

To add an off-week:

1. Edit your Schedule Builder and click Weeks on the left

2. Click 'Add Off-Week' on the week you'd like to not schedule games for

The off-week will appear in your schedule. If you want to remove the off week, simply press the 'Remove' button.

3. Click 'Save & Rebuild Schedule' to update your schedule with the off-week.

Editing Gamedays:

1. Edit your Schedule Builder and click Weeks on the left

2. Select the number of Gamedays per team you want.

3. Click the link below the # of Gamedays dropdown to customize your gamedays

For 'Gameday Type', you can select the following:

Single Game / Team: each team will play one game per gameday

Double Headers: each team will play two games per gameday (back-to-back)

Triple Headers: each team will play three games per gameday (back-to-back-to-back)

Custom: manually select games per team, matchups/locations and rest between games

There are two options for 'Scheduling Methods':

'Only schedule games on a single calendar day': Gamedays are limited to one calendar day per week

'Games can be scheduled on multiple calendar days': Gamedays can be extended over multiple days within the week

4. Once your gameday settings are customized to your liking, you can apply these settings to all weeks (if applicable).

5. Once finished, scroll down and click 'Save & Rebuild Schedule'

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