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What are Prospects? Manage and message Prospects

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When looking at your list of registrations you'll see the current number of registered participants under the 'Participants' column. You may also notice there are some people under the 'Prospects' column.
Prospects are a great tool to increase your organization's number of registrations. If someone is listed as a prospect it means a few things:

  1. They have not completed their registration and stopped somewhere between entering their birthdate, address, or phone number and the payment page.

  2. To finish their registration, they will need to start the registration process over again.

You can message prospects and ask them questions like "Did you have any questions?", "Are you stuck on a step?", or "Do you need help with payment?" to encourage them to finish. Learn more on Messaging Prospects.

When selecting Prospects you can also mark them as active, canceled, or deleted.

  • Mark as 'Active' if they are in the process of registering again or were previously marked as Canceled and you'd like to keep track of them with other active prospects for messaging and organizing

  • Mark as 'Canceled' if they're no longer interested and you still want to keep a record of their prospect

  • Delete Prospects if they won't be registering for that form and you want to permanently remove their record from Prospects

We automatically delete prospects if they go back and complete registration for a form offered by your organization.

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