Export Registrations

Print or Download your Participants from selected Registration Forms

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  1. Sign in to TeamLinkt.

  2. Click on the Organization tab then choose Reports.

  3. Select Report Type - Registrations

  4. Leave Style as Records

  5. Filter by:

    • Your pre-saved filters

    • Individual Registration forms or all forms

    • Registration Status

    • Payment Status

    • Registration Date

  6. Click Run Report

  7. In the top right corner you will see the options to print or download your list of registrants.

To get participant information with custom question responses:

  1. Go to Registration

  2. Click Participants

  3. Select the forms you want to get participants from using the filters on the left

  4. (Optional) You can increase the number of participants you export at once by increasing the number of entries using the dropdown at the bottom of the table

  5. Select the participants you want to export or use the checkbox in the top left of the table to select all

  6. Under the Actions button select 'Export Participants'

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