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Drag and drop content, add columns, and have full customization for your website

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If your organization has been with TeamLinkt before the release of the new builder, all of your data will be migrated into the new builder so you won't lose anything and nothing changes to your website. You can move over to the new builder by going to the Organization tab, clicking on power-ups, and enabling the free Website Builder power-up. πŸ‘
For organizations joining TeamLinkt the website builder is the default tool.

You can use it to save a draft of your webpage and preview your changes before you publish them using the save as draft button in the upper right.

You can add, reorder, and create submenus with your pages by pressing the Pages button in the top left. It will also show which page you're currently working on.

Use the page settings button to rename your page or hide it from your website.

The site settings button is where you can change your website template, enter your custom domain, and enter social media handles.

Use the widgets button to get html code that you can embed into an already existing website.

Click add section to add another block to your website that can be one, two, or three columns wide. In each block / column you can add text by pressing 'Add Content', or choose an addon or social media platform to add by pressing the dropdown arrow beside 'Add Content'.
The manage link inside of the addons allows you to create and edit all of the data that will appear within the addon when you preview / publish your page.

Use the drag icon to the left of each piece of content to rearrange it to anywhere else on your page. Alternatively you can use the delete button to the left of the content to remove it.

Click your header icon, logo, or page background to change your website images.

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